Up to 10Gbps Laser Links

Laser Links or Free-Space Optics (FSO) bridges provides low-cost, high-speed wireless point-to-point connectivity for a variety of last-mile applications. Operating at data rates of up to 10 Gigabit speeds at a fraction the cost of Milimeter Microwave bridges.

What is Free Space Optics?

The principles of transmission through free space optics (FSO) are the same as for the transmission of a signal through a fibre optic line. It is an optical data, voice and video transmission system using laser light to transmit digital signals between two transceivers through the air, instead of through a fibre glass strand.

Higher availability

Wireless bridges often provide high availability over leased lines offering five nines availability and rapid response to fault finding a down link.

High bandwidths

Wireless laser bridges can offer up to 10 Gbps bandwidth which is often greater than leased lines with a lower total cost of ownership

Licence free operation

Unlike radio wireless bridges, free space optic links do not require a licence from OFCOM. This is because they do not operate within radio frequencies.

Compact & Discreet

The hardware is small and compact and suitable for discrete application street-level deployments in challenging high density environments.

Rapid deployment

Leased lines can have a 3-4 month lead time to install. Laser links can be designed and installed within minimal time scales.

Immune from RF interference

Ideal for areas where the use of leased lines is expensive and where high noise levels can interfere with radio transmitted data.